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What is The Original Cookie Variety?

Although we all associate him directly with Cookies. He came from the team of Runtz/original Cookie Fam member Yung LB and “Cookies Boyz” Nick and Ray, according to Leafly. Of the fruity cross of Gelato and Zkittlez, Jigga said, “I didn’t breed Runtz, but my genetics created the unique and potent strain.

Are Sookie Strains Sativas?

The strain GSC, originally known as the Girl Scout Cookie strain. Was first bred by the Cookie family of Northern California sometime around 2012. A Sativa-leaning hybrid cross between an OG Kush clone and the F1 Durban strain Breeder’s Poison, GSC produces a multi-branched plant with a potent flower

Is the Animal Cookies Strain top-notch?

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Animal Cookies are made in Washington by Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ leading brand, Private Reserve. NWCS goes the extra mile within its Private Reserve brand to produce premium flowers from smaller yields.
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