MOTA THC Cherry Black Cube


MOTA THC Cherry Black Cube is a notorious indica strain that will have you feeling as though you’re being. Purchase this product now and earn Points!
CONTENTS 1x THC Cherry Black Cube Chocolate
MEDICAL EFFECTS Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Inflammation, Depression & Lack of Creativity
EFFECTS Creative, Relaxed, Happy, Giggly, Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy & Tired
DOSAGE Each chocolate bar contains 9 pieces. Each piece contains 100mg of THC. Begin with one square and allow up to an hour before ingesting more.

MOTA THC Cherry Black Cube

MOTA THC Cherry Black Cube for sale. One of the strongest and highest-dosed MOTA edibles, THC Cherry Black Cubes, are not designed for the faint of heart or first-time smokers. Easily one of the multiple potent THC edibles we’ve come across, these chocolates are infused with 900mg of super-pure THC distillate. Let the delicious flavors of cherries and milk chocolate melt away your pain! Buy Pacific CBD Wild Strawberries for sale.

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