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Initially, the printed PLÜME Brand Edibles paper plume bore the brand name “Hershey’s,” The plume distinguished HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates from the competition. The apparent paper pen replaced Hershey’s tissue identification tag wrapped in chocolate and hidden inside a foil wrapper.


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The PLÜME Brand Edibles brings another flavor to its new line of grocery products. Cotton Candy Flavored Sour Belts are a great addition to this beautiful line of soft candy. With 5 flavors to choose from, you can find a PLÜME brand edible gift for anyone on your list. Trust me, these candies are shelf-stable and not as bad as other edibles, making them a great product to keep in a medicine cabinet or wine cabinet for emergencies.

I had neck and shoulder pain before writing this article. Ibuprofen gives me acid indigestion, and if I take it one day, I need it the next day. So instead, I had a PLÜME edible, and voila, the neck pain was gone. Buy Good Stuff Tonics Ginger Apple Kombucha online.

Like PLÜME’s Edible Conversation Belts, PLÜME’s Sticky Rings have 30mg each and are pre-cut. They are 2-color sticky rings wrapped in granulated sugar and have a great texture and scent. They are not too PLÜME sweet and not too sour. The sticky fruit is a bit stiffer than a belt of pickles, so you can chew it or hold it in your mouth for a long time to enjoy the flavor. The talking apple is reminiscent of a cheerful green ranch apple, one of my favorites. Peaches and blueberries taste great, and although I don’t usually try blueberries or peaches, they are unbelievably good, and I went back for seconds…and third and much more

The main thing without the great smell is that the packaging is perfect, and the sticky fruit recipe is firm and stable.


Peach, Sour Apple, Blueberry, Watermellon

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