Skywalker OG


Skywalker OG, also known to many in the cannabis community as “Skywalker OG Kush”, is an indica dominant (85% indica / 15% sativa) hybrid strain that is a potent cross between the prevalent Skywalker X OG Kush strain.


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The Skywalker OG strain is a complete indica head embryo that helps patients relieve pain and fall asleep after a long day of battling the dark side. The sativa side of this strain also makes for a good head lift, but it’s not overly smoky or concentrated. Dutch Passion Seeds created skywalker Kush in Amsterdam to combine the aroma of sweet blueberry fruit with the surging energy of a hardy, high-yielding sanctuary. Excellent for growing indoors, these plants will stay small and herbaceous and flower in 8-9 weeks. If you’re looking for a California Skywalker with Ozzy genetics, check out Skywalker Kush.

Up to 24-26% THC

Taste: earthy, sweet, sharp

Effects: calm, sleepy, happy, excited, hungry

Medical use: Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, headache

The forces are mighty in Skywalker OG. Unfortunately, a few tokes of this Indica hybrid will not give you JD Super Power. But, there is no doubt that you will feel muscular exhaustion. Hopefully, the pain and worries are far, far away in a galaxy. Although this strain is 85% indica, some sativa effects are chronic. You can feel happy and have the emotional energy. However, the overall experience of this strain is physical.

A potent flower, this strain has skyrocketed 20-25% THC levels. Those new to marijuana may find this indica too firm, so take it slowly. This strain also has a Sativa pheno that you can find under Sativa Ozi. Buy Kush Carts online.

Characteristics of Skywalker OG and Skywalker OG seeds

A cross between Skywalker and Ozzy Kush, this strain has a strong pine/herbal aroma known to cannabis enthusiasts. This classic Kush fragrance is reflected in the flavor, where cannabis users will notice pine and hints of spice and jet fuel.

The medium-sized buds of this strain are bewildered by burnt orange guns that make their way through the olive-green leaves. It’s the White Trichome frosting that will catch the eye of marijuana fans. Make sure you have a grinder around you to break these Reginus snakes.

medical facilities

This combination of average THC and CBD levels makes her famous in the medical marijuana community.

Excellent for pain, Skywalker Oz provides deep numbing to the body. People who have muscle cramps or chronic pain prefer this variety.


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