Tops Cannabis Chocolate Brownie – 90mg


Get your chocolate fix and satisfy your cannabis craving with our Tops Cannabis Chocolate Brownie. The perfect blend of gooey sweet chocolate mixed with 90mg of our premium cannabis will leave you wanting more. With the thickness and chocolatey sweetness of the brownie mix, it’s no wonder that cannabis-infused brownies were the beginning of cannabis edibles.

What ingredients can I add to my Brownies?

Optional Toppings: These Tops Cannabis Chocolate Brownie are your blank canvas. Feel free to count nuts, chocolate chips or sea salt. Cannabis Infusion Options – There are many different ways to infuse this recipe. Find all your options, from decarboxylated flowers to concentrates, in the Alternative Brewing Options section below.

How much THC is in a Brownie?

That works out to a dose of about 5mg of THC per 20g of Brownie. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you are going to accompany this recipe with another that also contains marijuana, let an hour or two pass between them.

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