Baked Double Chocolate Cookie


Chocolate cookie, what’s better than that? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate, blended with love and 30mg THC into a Double Chocolate Cookie. Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effects. Enjoy your medication in the form of a delicious chocolate cookie.

note: Each cookie contain 30mg THC

Minimum Order : 10

The Baked Double Chocolate Cookie is a perennial favorite for the cannabis-infused double chocolate cookie! Is there anything better than chocolate? How about two varieties of fair-trade chocolate, lovingly combined into these old favorites? Effects that are both physically and intellectually balanced.

Baked Double Chocolate Cookie is a classic favorite for Cannabis-Infused Double Chocolate Cookie! Mentally stimulating and balanced effects for the body. Buy Those Happy Chocolates–CBD Chocolate Bar online.

These Ultimate Double Chocolate Chip Cookies couldn’t be easier to make. Soft and chewy, with lots of chocolate in every bite, these cookies are the perfect treat for all chocolate fans!

These treats are sure to please a typical American cookie with a double chocolate flavor! Cream the butter and sugars. After the cream, combine the egg and vanilla extract. Sift the flour, salt and cocoa powder.


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