Aura Edibles Gummy Candies


Aura Extract gummies contain only natural ingredients


Aura Extract gummies contain only natural ingredients. They are flavored using medicine-rich turmeric and hibiscus flower for aroma. They are appetizingly colored with bold annatto seed and beet powder.

Cannabis Aura Edibles Gummy Candies gummies are a tasty way to open your mind while satisfying your sweet tooth. The great thing about marijuana gummies is that you can ingest them any way you like. You will find several edible gummies available such as gummy worms, bears, sours, strips, fruit snacks and more. Buy Aura Extracts THC Fruit Bombs online.

In other words, Aura Edibles Gummy Candies Gummies are incredible edibles for people who don’t like edibles! These fast-acting, fruit-flavored gummies come in 5- and 10-mg doses, as well as seven flavors inspired by class-specific cocktails.

You’ll get high on them, but that doesn’t make them wrong for you. However, if you eat gummy or sugary baked goods all the time, those ingredients won’t be a great addition to your diet, which could be considered harmful.

Non-medical Ingredients; Natural Flavouring, Tumeric, Annato Seed, Sugar, Glucose, Beet Powder, Hibiscus, Citric Acid


Green Apple(Indica), Green Apple(Sativa), Mango(Indica), Mango(Sativa), Orange(Indica), Orange(Sativa), Peach(Indica), Peach(Sativa), Strawberry(Indica), Strawberry(Sativa)

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