Chill Chocolate Bars


Chill Chocolate Bars dark chocolate bar. 100 mg of THC. Due to the taste and quality of the medicine, the kite is a quality enhancer all over the planet. Chill is a product we can stand behind as they test their products 3 different times to ensure quality and correct dosage in every chocolate bar they sell. Chill Edible Dark Chocolate contains over 100mg per bar and breaks down into pieces.

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At Chill, Chill Chocolate Bars, they provide the best experience. From their uncle to their marijuana, they are dedicated to quality, safety and social responsibility. They work every day to provide their consumers with a consistent, safe and delicious product. Their chocolate bars are handcrafted with ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Buy Mario Cart Sour Diesel online.

Chill buy chill chocolate bars. It is a spicy dark chocolate 180 mg.

Rich dark chocolate with spicy touches to awaken your senses. Also available in 10 mg single doses.

180mg THC | hybrid strains | 60% cocoa

Ingredients: Semisweet & unsweetened chocolate, sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter, cinnamon, organic tangerine oil, cayenne & chipotle peppers, cannabis oil

60mg THC | 60mg CBD | hybrid strains | 56% cocoa

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate, sugar, sunflower lecithin, vanilla, cocoa butter, cannabis oil

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