Cheef Organic Bars


Cheef Organic Bars (Sativa) 100 mg. They were packed with all-natural, 100% organic superfoods from the Crisp Bar and healthy, disease-fighting and anti-aging ingredients.

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Natural Cheef Organic Bars; 100% organic superfood bar packed with healthy ingredients that fight disease and are harmful to age. They have the best combination of superfruits to make you feel super healthy and happy after one bite!

Healthily medicine yourself. Try Chief’s Natural Organic Crunch Bar today!

Super Fruit Bar (Hybrid) 100 mg

This all-natural superfruit bar is packed with activated THC and contains disease-resistant superfoods such as goji berry, organic cape gooseberry, organic blackberry, and cocoa nibs. Other ingredients like organic dates, organic rice syrup, and organic coconut sugar make it great for those who see you eating sugar. Buy Chill Chocolate Bars online.


The all-natural, Cheef Organic Bars 100% organic crunch bar is packed with superfoods and healthy ingredients that fight disease and defy aging, like organic turmeric powder, organic hemp seeds, organic chia seeds, and organic amaranth, to name a few. Other elements such as organic dates, organic rice syrup and coconut sugar give it a sweet taste ideal for those who watch their sugar consumption.

  • 100% organic
  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy-free
  • Without condoms
  • Made with 100% natural sweeteners
  • Infused with 100 mg of activated THC (hybrid)

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