Ed & Bills Rice Crispy Square (rainbow)


  • Made with Distillate
  • 100mg of THC

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  • Made with Distillate
  • 100mg of THC

What is Rice Crispy Square made of?

Rice Krispies Treats (also called ‘Rice Krispie Treats,’ ‘RKT,’ ‘bars’ or ‘buns’ and alternatively ‘cakes,’ ‘Marshmallow Treats,’ ‘Marshmallow Squares’ or ‘Rice Krispies Squares’ in Canada, and ‘LCM ‘ in Australia) are a confection commonly made through the marriage of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies or another crispy rice cereal. Buy MOTA CBD Sour Squares online.

Are Rice Krispie Squares Good For You?

Is Rice Krispie Treats good for you? Also, Rice Crispy Square is just that, a treat. Even though there are only three simple ingredients, they don’t provide the nutrients your body needs to stay properly fueled.

Why are Rice Krispie squares called squares?

“Historically, Rice Krispie Squares are thought to have gotten their name from the traditional ‘square shape’ of large US pan-bakes. “As the product evolved to become more rectangular, the name had already stuck, and it was difficult to imagine the bars with another title. “

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