Pacific CBD Grape Sours


Excite your palate with our Hemp-Derived Pacific CBD Grape Sours. These easy-to-eat, sweet, and sour goodies offer all the benefits of CBD.
CANNABINOID CONTENTS 200mg of CBD per package
CONTENTS 8x Grape Sour Gummies
MEDICAL EFFECTS Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation & Insomnia
EFFECTS Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy & Sleepy
DOSAGE Begin with 1 piece of candy and allow upwards of an hour for digestion before consuming more.

Pacific CBD Grape Sours

Pacific CBD Grape Sours for sale. CBD edibles have become increasingly prevalent over the past few years. Besides being delicious, CBD-infused edibles are a convenient and discrete way to consume your daily dose of CBD. But Pacific CBD is made just like your favorite past-time candies, except they’re infused with 200mg of all-natural hemp-derived cannabidiol and contain all the benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating high. Buy Pacific CBD Rainbow Belts for sale.

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