Fruity: Has the essence of natural fruit flavor. This will still have a natural taste but it will have a light fruity taste as well. Weedy Natural Cannabis: These will be natural tasting like your every day smoked flower. These are the most popular flavors. Each one is slightly different than the other and each has a pleasant earthy smoked flower taste.


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Reason why you should choose  PLÜME Vapes;

1) PLÜME tanks never leak, even if removed from the vaping device. For other brands this is a common issue and it can ruin your vape battery and waste expensive materials.

2) The tanks are individually labeled, no more confusing flavors if you switch around from flavor to flavor.

3) Tank defect rate is lowest in the industry, less than 1% of the cartridges are defective.

4) Consistent recipe, each flavor has the same taste and consistency, every time.

5) Clean, safe. high quality product produced with CO2 extraction for the purest extract possible.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck – SATIVA, Sour Tangie – SATIVA, Jack Herer – SATIVA

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